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Custom Mosaics Case Studies

We specialize in visualizing your idea and turning it into mosaic art.

Here are the case studies of standard-grid and hand-cut mosaics.

Case Study 1  (Standard-grid Mosaic)

Screenshot 2021-12-30 at 1.31.51 PM copy.png

From an idea to a draft

Courtenay wanted to have a custom mosaic on her dog's shower floor. She told us her idea and sent us the dimensions.  

We visualized her idea into a grid hexagon tiles mockup.

Standard-grid mosaic

Case Study 2  (Hand-cut Mosaic)


From Logo to Mockup

@rideonvda wanted to create a mosaic with their logo. After understanding their idea and having the logo, we drafted them a mockup with square hand-cut tiles.

Hand-cut mosaic

Final Result

Both of us are very happy with the outcome.

Material:  Porcelain  Hexagon Tiles

Finish: Matt

Color: Black and white

Size of tiles: 23 x 27 mm

Lead time: 4 -5 weeks


From Mockup to Mosaic

Once the details were confirmed, we turned it into a real mosaic. 

Material: Hand-cut Vitreous Glass

Color: White and Jade

Size of tiles: 10 x 10 mm

Lead time: 5-6 weeks

Case Study 3  (Hand-cut Mosaic)

Gabby James (Hand-cut Vitreous Glass Mosaics).png

Door Front Mosaic

Gabrielle wished to turn her door front into a unique one.  She sent us a reference photo.

We make it a mockup and then tailor-made her a  mosaic floor.

Material: Hand-cut Vitreous Glass

Color: Black and white

Size of tiles: 10 x 10 mm

Lead time: 5-6 weeks

v glass.png
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